Thank you for joining us for Make Change Happen!

We're dedicated to making this an affirming, fun, educational and fortifying experience for you. In order to do that, we need to get a glimpse of who you are, what you're intentions and visions are and any logistical or accessibility needs you have!

Please take 15-20 minutes to share yourself with us. Only share what feels comfortable for you to share. All information shared here will only be seen by Andréa and Cameron (the cofounders of WSL).

You don't have to fill this out immediately, but we would like to have this information as soon as possible! So if you don't have the time right now, we will be reminding you soon to come back to this. (Our suggestion: do it now because the longer you wait, the harder it'll get to remember and make the time to fill this out!)

What's your name? *
What's your name?
For example: they/them, she/her, he/him, ze/zir, none
For example: race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, etc.
Where will you be joining us from?
Tell us about your work or your passions!
This would be a dollar amount in addition to the price of the Weekend that would support us in continuing to offer scholarship/discount opportunities to folx from marginalized communities who have historically and systemically been prevented from accessing these types of experiences. (You will not be charged now, we'll get in touch soon to make this happen!) If yes, choose the amount you'd like to give below. If no, go ahead to the next question.
Will you already have accommodations or will you be looking for a place to stay during the weekend? *
We want to make sure you'll have secure accommodations during the weekend! If you want some help finding a great place to stay, indicated that below! If you're unsure at the time of filling this out, answer to the best of your ability.

Have questions for us or more you want to share?

You can always get in touch with us at