Collective liberation requires change.

Systemic change. Institutional change. Cultural change.

And inner change.

From the moment we were born, we began to absorb ideas about what it means and looks like to embody a specific gender and race. 

We learn these ideas, beliefs and ways of being from our families, our schools, our culture and the media we consume. 

Many of these beliefs are toxic, harmful and have widespread consequences...

They keep us from fully connecting with our body, with each other and with the earth.  

They're used and accepted as justification for abuse, murder and other forms of violence.

They prevent us from fully expressing who we are and going after our dreams.

They exploit and erase whole cultures and lives.

More explicitly – they support a culture of white supremacy, patriarchy and other forms of oppression.

To get free, we must release these beliefs and move into more liberatory ways of being.

The Liberatory Coaching Sessions are an opportunity to:

+ dig into gender and race's influence in your life (from an intersectional perspective)

+ unpack the harmful beliefs that you've internalized and how they show up in your everyday life

+ discover beliefs and ways of being that support y(our) individual and collective freedom

This includes:

+ Two 75 minute sessions (one with each of the co-founders of WSL: Cameron Airen on gender + Andréa Ranae on race)

+ Customized prompts and resources to support y(our) liberation

The cost: $180 ($190 with payment plan)*

** If this price isn't possible for you, but you'd love to take part in this, please email us at with "Liberatory Coaching Sessions" in the subject line. Each month, we offer a handful of pay what you choose sessions (priority goes to those that identify as Black/POC, indigenous, disabled, queer, trans, or gender non-conforming). 

Have any questions or concerns? Send them our way at